She's gone



A green T shirt, a jeans dress, a short fake-fur coat, a long embroidered dress, a pair of jeans, a red shirt, a lucky sweatshirt that was worn before every test, a special top and jacket, bought especially for a wedding.

A random series of garments, muted witnesses to lives, which were abruptly and violently taken, containing within their folds tales of absence and orphanhood. 
Every garment carries a small note with a name on it. Next to the name are details of the murder weapon and the murderer's verdict. Final reminders to what were once the full, active lives of Dafna and Anat, Fatma and Limor, Malkam and Duaa, Ganit, Ala, Salmelak, Shlomit and Iris.

Just a few of so many, representing the silent voices of women and young girls who had dreams, hopes, and a strong desire to live.

"She's gone" is an international art installation which protests against the spreading phenomena of gender based murder, and speaks on behalf of innocent victims of violence performed by spouses or other family members.

Since 2011, more than 125 women and young girls were murdered in Israel alone, all by jealous husbands, boyfriends or relatives.  Some of these murder cases were never solved.

The garments on display are the original clothes of murdered women from all sectors, religions and nationalities who share a horrible fate. The original soundtrack created for the display includes lullabies in 15 languages (Hebrew, Arabic, Amharic, Russian, Spanish, French, Persian, Romanian, Moroccan and more), a gesture of kindness to the women and girls whose voices will never be heard again.

Violence against women is not inevitable, and it is essential that we do everything in our power to prevent it.  Rooted in patriarchal societies who refused to acknowledge that women are equal and unique beings, these horrifying acts of gender-based murders brutally violate human rights.

By boldly showing the clothes of murder victims, we strive to raise global public awareness and encourage dialogue around this painful phenomenon. We wish to loudly ring the alarm, raise a flag and engage people everywhere to act and bring about the change. 

The art installation will begin its journey in Israel and travel to additional cities around the globe, where we will invite relatives of murdered women to add their clothes to the display. 
Our goal is to end the journey on November 25th at the United Nations building, marking the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

She's Gone is a private initiative and is privately funded. There are no political agendas behind our initiative other than the sincere concern for the safety and well-being of women and girls, everywhere, and the burning desire to drive a significant change in our society. 


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