Who We Are

The "She's gone" team consists of a group of close friends and volunteers: producer, designer, lawyer and more, each one of them contributing their time, skills and efforts for creating, operating and promoting the project.
 All team members share deep faith in the power of the project to touch hearts and call to action against gender-based violence and are honored and grateful for the opportunity to take part in a significant act for women around the world.


Orit Keren

Organizational consultant

“I am thrilled to be a member of this determined group of women,and support the creator of She's Gone, my beloved friend Keren. I am motivated and moved by the sense of empowerment, of women coming together to create a strong community that declares "No More"”.


Hagit Aminov


“I had a great privilege, along with my wonderful friends, to be part of She’s gone. The touching music, sounds and clothes are concrete in the empty space that fills each time. To me it is exciting.”


Merav Shivek


“I will never forget the day we recorded the soundtrack of the installation. Different women, great and generous, came and contributed their motherly song. Their singing was powerful and beautiful. My heart crashed into pieces with every song, and I filled with gratitude for the privilege of taking part in this exciting project.”


Adi Levy

Designer & Cultural entrepreneur

"The phantom clothes are silently shouting the loss of women which are gone. As men, we should look inside bravely, humbly and honestly; Check and choose again and again how we take responsibility and deal with violence residing within and around us. Thank you for the privilege of participating in this meaningful project."


Ornit Zadok

Director of Administration

"She’s gone has become a project close to my heart and the object of my thoughts. For me, working for the project is a daily, moving and satisfying privilege.
I am grateful for the ability to make the voices of those who were deprived of the ability to speak."


Fefe Ifat Simhi


She’s gone is one painful journey, that includes a meeting with the families whose loved ones are gone ... I had the right to be part of this project and to voice the voices that is gone.”


Mili Bar Yona

Graphic designer

She’s gone throbbing every time and everywhere it displayed.
When I hang up the clothes, I feel that for a moment all those women are living and breathing around me.But no ... they are gone! This wave of thought breaks and I remain helpless. I will continue to hang the garment and make their voices heard in myself and the world.”


Keren Yehezkeli Goldstein

Creator and director

“At the various events of the project, women approached to me and said that they were Horrified at the thought that if they had not managed to extricate themselves from the violent relationship they were in, their clothes were now hanging on the hangers.”


Malian Horovitz

Director of Social Media

"For me, it is exciting and empowering to be present at this powerful project, She's gone, together with the all Inspirational women who created this important project along the way."


Ella Koren

public relations

"As long as there are women whose lives are at risk only because they are women, and as long as the society and the institutions don't protect them as they deserve, there's a need for a project as “She’s gone”. The work on the project revealed to me not only the monstrous face of human violence, but also the fact that many men and women who are willing to leave their comfort zone in order to protect these women. She’s gone is a life project that we all have to take part in."