event for youth on behalf of ‘Starting Line’

A few months ago, a young girl named Libby from ‘KavHazinuk- Starting Line’ gave us a call. She explained, “my youth group are planning an event dedicated to the struggle opposing violence against women. We came across your installation, ‘She’s Gone’. Our event will be in ‘Pizza People’, a company that champions social values. Would you present your ‘She’s Gone’ at our event?”

We just had to agree!

Months later, we met with a group of excited, highly motivated and caring young people in the sweltering heat and began work. Two hours of construction for the installation wasn’t simple, the clothes which had been stored in the dark were unveiled in the daylight. The teenagers were barely 16, but filled with plans of how to change the world. If only we all had such heightened awareness at that age.

It was exciting and encouraging to experience first-hand the enthusiasm and energy of the youth from KavHazinuk, and comforting to know that hope is held in the hands of such inspirational, young people.

Thank you for the opportunity to support your event opposing violence against women!