Opening Night at Beit Liba

130 women and girls have been murdered since 2011. The statistics from the last 6 weeks are horrifying: one women every week. With that background we launched our "She's Gone" installation for the first time, open to the public.

Our goal is clear: to create a public event to stop violence and violence against women.

More than 300 people arrived to the opening and supported the social money raising that keeps the life of the installation. Minister Stav Shaffir and Minister Aaida Toma Sliman has also attended and supported. The Event was guided by Dana Weiss and the singer Carolina. It was a night of many good hearted people and talented individuals who performed on stage at "Beit Liba" in Tel Aviv.
Our  journey has just began, and as we created an important and noticeable event. We will continue our journey with determination and unfailing  commitment. Yesterday night was a call from Beit Liba, and it will continue to resonate.

I thank all our supporters along the way. Without you, the installation could not continue to exist.