The Presidential residence

Mr. President Reuven Rivlin and his wife, Mrs.Nehama Rivlin, did not allow the terrible phenomenon of violence against women and girls to remain in the dark corners of society. After the encounter, she wrote the following text:

"Hello Everybody, this is Nehama,

18  women have been murdered since the beginning of the year. 18 women from all sectors, ages and religions. Women like us. Women like me.

These  women were everything for so many people, but what do we know about them? Who of us remember the names of these women? And who of us can say anything about them?

The artist Keren Yehezkeli Goldstein has decided to immortalize these women and to break the wall of apathy through an installation that shows the clothes of the dead women which are accompanied by lullabies in 15 different languages. This is a gesture to a women's voice that has become silent.

Starting this weekend, a video about the installation will be displayed in the entrance to the Presidential residence. Members of knesset, ministers, mayors and all those that will enter, will face the installation and the solid reality that reflects from it.

Last week we gathered here with Keren and the families of their loved ones that were murdered. It was a difficult gathering, whose goal was to allow the families to remember their loved ones and to speak about them.”

You can read Mrs. Nehama Rivlin's full post in this link