The Israeli Knesset

On November 21,  the Israeli Knesset has marked a national day of battle on violence against women. Our installation was presented at the Knesset, together with the affected families and the national media. This year has witnessed the most important event in regards to legislation on violence against women. Despite this fact, many ministers chose not to participate in the conferences, and did not  provide any reasoning for such. By doing so, these ministers sustain the status quo of the government about these issues: to push aside, publicly and budgetary, the statistics about violence against women. While the government and the ministers keep ignoring this epidemic, women keep living without physical confidence and security, which more often leads often to death. We decided that we will not remain silent about these actions, so we made a virtual campaign. In this campaign, the bereaved families have turned to the various ministers personally and asked them, on behalf of their murdered loved one, to arrive to the conferences. It was spreaded in the Israeli media under the hashtag: #Dontsilencethemagain

At a day of battle, the installation waited for the ministers and Knesset members outside the conferences, hanging with no owners or voice, reminding the Knesset members: This is not just another day, and these are not just any clothes. The installation has gained significant interest throughout the events of the day. Some new contacts have been created with different Knesset members, especially with the ministers Meirav Michaeli, Lea Fadidah, Aliza Lavie and President Ruby Rivlin, who has accompanied the installation with support since its creation.

In the photo you can see minister Meirav Michaeli standing solidly with Marwa Daa'r, holding her the clothes of her late daughter, Alla Daa'r.